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The Best Middle East Startup to Work For

The recent emphasis on work cultures at Silicon Valley tech companies got us wondering what it was like at Middle East startups.

We checked out Glassdoor profiles and reviews for 4 large Middle East based startups, Careem,, Fetchr and, the results of which are below.

In first place we have Careem, followed by Fetchr scored quite low, with a lot of negative remarks from employees about not being appreciated. No surprise that Noon came in last, likely a result of their repeated fumbling early on in their life.

Note that not all companies had the same number of reviewers, so some of them could be considered “higher conviction” than others.  We’re also not entirely sure of how the data is validated, i.e. have the reviewers really worked for the said company or interviewed with them. That aside, some of the comments if you visit the company profiles on the Glassdoor website are quite insightful.

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